4Written by FreshPlaza.com
A month and a half into the Summer fig season in Israel and almost all Summer varieties are available for export. The season began in late-April and is expected to continue through August.
“We’re excited about the season because people are interested and there’s good demand,” said Avniv’s CEO, Niva Ben Zion. “We have sufficient volume this year, so everything looks good.”
Avniv is a large supplier of Israeli figs, and Niva noted that much of their exports are destined for supermarkets in the UK and Hong Kong. While they supply the packers, wholesalers and category
managers who, in turn, supply the supermarkets, Avniv can also pack their figs in punnets containing up to six pieces of fruit or in boxes of up to three kilograms. They can also affix labels to the
packaging so the figs are ready to hit the shelves upon arrival.

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