We believe in working together, as partners sharing the same goal – delivering the end customer the freshest, tastiest, high-quality products. In order to achieve this goal, the chain of producer-exporter-customer must be built on trust, transparency and flexibility. Our partners are our growers, our transporters and our customers. 


We specialize in exotic fruit and vegetables. Our range varies from the more common exotic products to the ones considered as more of niche products.   

Quality Care

Our in-house Agriculture Standards Expert works closely with our growers to ensure the proper use of fertilizers, additives and pesticides and to sustainability. We guide and assist them in meeting the strict standards and regulations. We give special attention to their expertise, reliability and continuity. We closely monitor our growers throughout the year and along the picking, sorting and packaging, storing and cooling and transporting of the products.

Packaging Flexibility

We see packaging as part of the product and service we provide. The possibilities of packaging are virtually endless. The packaging can be practical or luxurious, conventional or unique. Each customer has its own preference and we are more than happy to support it. The packaging can either allow the customer to better present the product or reduce additional labor costs at customer’s facility, by packing the product already in the format to be displayed at the sell point. Our product managers will be delighted to inform you about our packaging formats for each product and discuss the possibilities for new format types, private label and more.